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Birthdate:Apr 28
Location:Washington, United States of America
I'm twenty-something, conservative, Christian, and a recent college grad (English Lit and Linguistics). I'm currently working for an audiobook company. I love London. Books are some of the greatest things in the universe; Shakespeare is made of a hundred kinds of awesome, but I mostly read sci-fi/fantasy. I love my TV shows and fandoms way too much. I try to GET MY CAPSLOCK ON at least once a day. Doctor Who is my life.

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audiobooks, back to the future, bbc's robin hood, benedict cumberbatch, bible, big finish audios, billie piper, blackpool, bones, books, booth/brennan, britain, c.s. lewis, calvin and hobbes, catherine tate, chameleon circuit, charley pollard, choir, christ, christian bale, christopher eccleston, christopher eccleston's accent, christopher paolini, chuck, coldplay, colin morgan, conservative, daniel craig, david tennant, david tennant as hamlet, david tennant's oral fixation, david tennant's specs appeal, david/billie, doctor who, doctor/rose, donna noble, dr. horrible's sing-along blog, eighth doctor, england, fifth doctor, figuring-out-how-to-accessorize-slash-goggles, firefly, gallifrey, god, golden compass, hamlet, harry potter, heroes, himym, hobbits, how i met your mother, how to train your dragon, httyd, ianto jones, icons, inception, j.k. rowling, jack harkness, jack/ianto, jesus, jim/pam, john barrowman, john simm, john watson, jon foreman, joss whedon, karen gillan, leverage, life on mars, linguistics, lolcats, london, lord of the rings, lost, martin freeman, matt nathanson, matt smith, merlin, monk, much ado about nothing, murray gold, musicals, narnia, nathan fillion, neil patrick harris, nine/rose, ninth doctor, outlander, paul mcgann, percy jackson, pro-life, procrastination, psych, pushing daisies, rain, reading, republican, rip-open-reality-and-go-get-rose, robert downey jr., robin hood, ron/hermione, rose tyler, sam's-codependent-relationship-with-his-television, scotland, shakespeare, sherlock, sherlock holmes, snow patrol, star trek, star trek xi, star trek: tos, state of play, steven moffat, stratford-upon-avon, supernatural, switchfoot, tardis, ten/rose, tenth doctor, the big bang theory, the doctor, the eleventh doctor, the mentalist, the office, the princess bride, the tardis, the vampire diaries, thunderstorms, time travel, torchwood, twelfth night, ugly betty, united kingdom, university of washington, vote saxon, wales, white collar, william shakespeare, zagreus
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